Sharp Sports AnalyticsSharp Sports Analytics
Sharp Sports Analytics combines a unique understanding of advanced analytics along with an intricate understanding of sports. Accuracy is essential to what we do and the numbers speak for themselves. Our projected college football conference standings were more accurate that Phil Steele magazine, our win distributions destroyed those put out by Football Outsiders, and even our friends in the desert couldn’t keep up as our win total numbers were more accurate than the South Point win total lines. So if you’re looking for that extra edge in college football, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t be a square, stay sharp.

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Members of the Team

Jordan Sundheim - JmoneyCoach Sundheim

Jordan’s unique background consists of 17 years worth of sports and analytics experience. As part of Jim Harbaugh’s coaching staff at Stanford, it was Jordan’s job to recognize opponent tendencies. As a data scientist, it was Jordan’s job to identify the strength of college programs across 29 different sports. His Master’s program at Duke in Computational Economics positioned Jordan to be at the forefront of the sports data revolution. While he never thinks about game outcomes deterministically, he is determined to see SSA succeed. Jordan still sits up at night wondering why the NFL passed on a 220 fullback who ran a 4.8 forty.

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Hot RodHot Rod

Rod Kessler is a sports fanatic and a Vegas veteran. His years of sports betting experience mean he understands the ins and outs of the sports betting market. Much like a seasoned stock trader can identify market movements before they happen, Rod possesses the skills to navigate the complex world of sports betting. Given some of his past hot streaks, Rod has appropriately earned the nickname Hot Rod.

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Bulldog Dave

Bulldog Dave

If professional gaming was a thing in the 90’s, Dave would have certainly gone pro. As an avid sports fan and gaming savant, Dave routinely toyed with his Madden competition during his youth. He is now a veteran of the sports gaming industry, possessing over a decade of experience. His in depth knowledge of professional sporting leagues allows him to understand both player and team performance as well as recognize industry trends. His dream is to bring back the college football video game with player ratings so accurate and game-play so real, that the outcomes of the video game outperform the Vegas lines.

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Vivek Subramanian - Vman

Vivek Subramanian

While his PhD might be in Biomedical Engineering, Vivek’s true passion is sports. His Master’s thesis on nonlinear pattern recognition allows him to find relationships in sports data that lie below the surface. His understanding of neural engineering not only allows him to comprehend how people think, but model how they will react. With three degress from Duke University, Vivek is equipped with the tools to model sports data in a way that has never been done before. In his free time Vivek ponders how the Spurs will get back to the NBA finals.

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