Crowning The Champs

Here we are again! It is officially the postseason. I am not a huge fan of the conference championship games. I would rather replace them with an eight or sixteen team playoff. However, it is what it is. Some of these games hold some real importance as it relates to the College Football Playoff. If UGA can beat LSU, they should be assured of getting into the playoff. If they lose, it is pretty much between Oklahoma, Utah and Baylor. If Utah beats Oregon, I would think they are the odds-on favorite to get in if Georgia loses. Of course, there are always some wild scenarios that could occur as a result of Clemson losing to Virginia (28 point underdog). Georgia-LSU is certainly the best game of the ten, but you never know how the games will go. It will be great to finally get some clarity on the playoff situation after this weekend. 


Joe Burrow, congrats.

Ignored team:

Clemson. Watch out, Trevor Lawrence is on fire. A repeat is a real possibility.


Baylor. They beat Oklahoma, Utah loses to Oregon and UGA loses to LSU. They can sneak in!


Time for an expanded field. Stop the madness. If Harbaugh leaves UM, he needs to still push his eleven team playoff idea. Much better than the current system.

Conference Championship Game Picks:

I was 7-4 last week. I hope to end this year on a great note, so hoping for a nice 10-0 weekend!

Georgia +7 vs. LSU – UGA has more at stake in this game. There is an 81% chance LSU gets into the playoff, even if they lose. I am banking on a very close game, either way.

Georgia 30 LSU 24

Oregon +6.5 vs. Utah – Huge opportunity for Utah. This is a huge NFL audition for Justin Herbert. Rainy game makes it a bit more low scoring than you would think, keeping this game tight.

Utah 24 Oregon 21

Baylor +9 vs. Oklahoma – OU really needs a decisive win here to make their case for the CFP. I think Baylor hangs in there and makes it a battle for the Sooners, putting their hopes in doubt.

Oklahoma 34 Baylor 30

Ohio State -16.5 vs. Wisconsin – Much like LSU, even if the Buckeyes lose, they will be in the playoff. They know how to play the Badgers, stack the box and dare them to throw. Repeat of their last game.

Ohio State 37 Wisconsin 17

Clemson -28 vs. Virginia – Trevor Lawrence is back in a big way. This game is going to be a runaway. Clemson playing the best ball in the country right now. OSU and LSU better watch out.

Clemson 45 Virginia 10

Cincinnati +9.5 vs. Memphis – They played one another just last week. Will it be the same result? Pretty much, minus the opening game kickoff return, which means it will be just a little closer. 

Memphis 31 Cincinnati 23

Louisiana-Lafayette +6.5 vs. Appalachian State – I think with this game being in Boone, NC, the public will be all over this lower-than-expected spread. I am going opposite.

Appalachian State 31 Louisiana-Lafayette 27

Hawaii +13.5 vs. Boise State – I think Boise wins but I also think Hawaii keeps the pace in this one. Cole McDonald keeps them in the game.

Boise State 38 Hawaii 27

Central Michigan -6.5 vs. Miami Ohio – CMU’s defense will be too tough and Miami Ohio won’t be able to put enough points on the board. Great first year for Greg McElwain whose team went 1-11 last year.

Central Michigan 34 Miami Ohio 20

UAB +8 vs. Florida Atlantic – Pretty sure this is Lane Kiffin’s last game at FAU. He leaves with a conference title but not a cover. 

Florida Atlantic 27 UAB 23