Sun Belt Preview and Futures

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1. Appalachian State (40% Div WP, 22% Conf WP)
Win Division (+137), Win Conference (+280)
Satterfield is 27-5 in Sun Belt play since the Mountaineers joined the conference in 2014, but all four of those seasons were with Taylor Lamb at QB. A new quarterback and having to compete against Troy means the Mountaineers aren’t a lock to win the East and make it to the first ever Sun Belt Conference Championship Game.

2. Troy (40% Div WP, 22% Conf WP)
Win Division (+142), Win Conference (+290)
Troy is good and people know it. Back-to-back 10+ win seasons caught everyone’s attention, including the odds makers. The Trojans should take the East if they can take down App St in the final week of the regular season. But the recent success of the Trojans means there isn’t any value in taking them to win the conference or division.

3. Georgia Southern (13% Div WP, 6% Conf WP)
Win Division (+615), Win Conference (+1650)
The Eagles are coming off of a disastours 2-10 season which saw Tyson Summers fired after 6 games. But with 18 starters back and now under the direction of Chad Lunsford, the Eagles have to be taken seriously in the Sun Belt. While it is unlikely that the Eagles will take the conference, at +1650 there is limited value in them as a dark horse.

4. Georgia State (4% Div WP, 2% Conf WP)
Win Division (+1500), Win Conference (+6000)
The Sun Belt East includes both Appalachian State and Troy, which means there isn’t much room for anyone else. While Elliot should see some improvement in his second season, the Panthers have struggled running the ball and will once again struggle to find consistentcy on offense. If it’s any consolation, at least the Panthers should finish ahead of Coastal Carolina.

5. Coastal Carolina (2% Div WP, 1% Conf WP)
Win Division (+2350), Win Conference (+11000)
Coastal enters it’s second season in the Sun Belt and they welcome back Coach Moglia who took a medical leave of absence last year. The Chanticleers struggled in year one in the Sun Belt and will likely struggle in year two as well. No one ever offered a bet over 100:1 that was in your favor, so stay away from the enticing numbers here as Coastal isn’t a contender in the Sun Belt.

1. Arkansas State (65% Div WP, 34% Conf WP)
Win Division (-183), Win Conference (+153)
The Red Wolves are the clear favorite to win the West as both App St. and Troy are in the East and they don’t even have to play Troy this season. Anderson enters his 5th season as Head Coach and should find himself in the Sun Belt Conference Championship Game, but at -183 to win the division and +153 to win the conference there is no value in taking the Red Wolves.

2. Louisiana-Monroe (20% Div WP, 9% Conf WP)
Win Division (+335), Win Conference (+1475)
The Warhawks have 17 returning starters and Matt Viator is entering his third season as head coach. Both of these facts point to some upward mobility for ULM, a team that went 4-8 last season. While we only have them at a 9 percent probability of winning the conference, 5dimes is offering them at basically 15 to 1. If you’re looking for a team with an outside shot to take the Sun Belt, the Warhawks are it.

3. Louisiana-Lafayette (5% Div WP, 2% Conf WP)
Win Division (+1200), Win Conference (+5500)
The West should belong to Arkansas State this year and if not, it will be the other Louisiana team that takes it. A new staff and only 11 returning starters mean this will be a rebuiliding year for the Ragin’ Cajuns.

4. South Alabama (7% Div WP, 3% Conf WP)
Win Division (+1300), Win Conference (+6600)
What was all that 1 in a million talk? True, South Alabama isn’t even in our top 3 in the Sun Belt West, but at 66 to 1? 5dimes definitely gets aggressive and if you got a couple of dollars laying around put it on the Jaguars and see what happens.

5. Texas State (3% Div WP, 1% Conf WP)
Win Division (+2150), Win Conference (+11000)
Any time a team is at over 100:1 you know their outlook isn’t good. Ricky Bobby said that if your not first, well, you’re Texas State. This team is a combine 4 and 20 under Withers and if he doesn’t get things figured out early the Bobcat boosters might start calling for the eject button to be pressed.


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