You Can BET This Year Will Be Wild!

Well, here we are again….August is finally here and we are on the brink of another exciting football season. There is an added twist this year. PASPA has been overturned and many states throughout the country are scrambling to get legalized sports gambling approved and up and running prior to the beginning of the season. Delaware and New Jersey are already taking bets and Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New York will soon follow (track the projected progress here).

I have always said that the more sports betting proliferates across the country, the more interest in sports there will be from casual fans. There is nothing more that will increase someone’s interest in a Purdue-Kent State football game than a $100 wager. Indirectly, this will be a boon for television networks/sports channels and they will benefit tremendously from advertising revenue from sports betting companies. The problem for joe public is that sports betting is not easy. The best of the best hover around a long-term 55-58% win rate. Knowledge is power, so knowing small nuances about players, coaches and team trends can be the difference between a losing year and a winning year.

In my opinion, this year will be one of the most competitive years on record. I know Bama is a juggernaut, but I think about 8-10 teams could win it this year. This would be a fantastic year for an eight team playoff, but unfortunately we are still a few years away from that. The Heisman trophy competition is wide open to roughly twenty players. Conference battles will have about four viable teams from each conference fighting it out. Mark my words, this is going to be a year to remember.

I highly suggest you listen to our weekly podcasts and read the articles we post to get informed so that you can maximize your earnings when placing your bets this year. In the coming weeks, look for information on the Heisman race, Conference projections and our picks for the final four and National Champion.

Welcome back and I’m looking forward to a profitable, fun year of college football!

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