Playoff Push

The final push to get into the college football playoffs is here. But the committee has already spoken and the ability for teams on the outside to get into the elusive top 4 is especially difficult for some, including the Ohio State Buckeyes.

In the history of the college football playoff committee, no team has ever jumped into the top 4 that was ranked 6th or worse going into the final week of the season. Don’t expect that to change this year.

1. Clemson
2. Auburn
3. Oklahoma
4. Wisconsin
5. Alabama
6. Georgia
7. Miami
8. Ohio State

The Ohio State Buckeyes will likely not be partaking in the 4 team playoff dance. Ranked at 8th, even if they do what Vegas says they’ll do which is beat Wisconsin, it’s unlikely they will make the jump into the top 4. Losing to Iowa by 31 just isn’t going to cut it. The Buckeyes have no excuses.

Key Games with Playoff Implications

Oklahoma vs. TCU – Oklahoma should roll here. Sooners will compete for the title and Mayfield will win the Heisman.

Auburn vs. Georgia – This may be the most interesting game on the schedule. Winner is in. Georgia got blown out the first time these teams played but this game should be much more competitive. It’s funny how the committee put Alabama right at 5th anxiously waiting out this matchup to try and sneak in.

Miami vs. Clemson – Clemson should dominate and defend their championship title.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin – The Badgers have their shot to prove themselves. As mentioned, even if Ohio State takes this game, it’s almost impossible for them to get into the playoff.

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