Whataya Playing For?!

It’s that time of the year, folks. Time to identify where your team is headed. Let’s take a snapshot of the college football landscape.

Your team is one of the following:
• a team that is one of 6 or 7 teams still in the hunt for the College Football Playoff
• a team trying to get into their conference title game
• a team trying to get beyond a 5 win season and become bowl eligible
• a team trying to upgrade their bowl status
• a team that has already folded up the tent and gone home for the Winter

By understanding which category a team falls in, you can make a pretty good prognostication on what their fate will be in the remaining two weeks of the season. One also must consider coaching situations. Some teams have already had their coaches (Tennessee) or AD’s (Arkansas) fired; while other teams have coaches fighting to stay another year (Texas Tech). When you assess all this information and put it together, you get a picture of which teams you should ride and which teams you should fade. In this week’s predictions, I have focused on teams that fit into some of these categories. Two weeks left in the regular season, let’s finish strong!

Texas Tech +6.5 vs. TCU
Texas Tech is 5-5 and TCU is sitting at 8-2. Kliff Kingsbury might be fighting for his job. TCU seems to be out of hunt for the CFP and they are banged up. Texas Tech just has more to play for in a home game with a noon start time.
Texas Tech 31 TCU 27

Wake Forest -2 vs. NC State
The Wolfpack had their chance against Clemson to get into the ACC title game. They choked it away. Wake is suddenly an offensive juggernaut. Typical game NC State gives away. They don’t have a competent kicker and this will haunt them once again. This is an ACC fight to see who gets a better bowl game.
Wake Forest 34 NC State 31

LSU -15.5 at Tennessee
Tennessee finally dumps Butch and no one associated with the program could care less how they finish this year. All they care about is who the next coach will be and if it will be Jon Gruden. Ed Orgeron turned the ship around and has the team motivated to finish strong.
LSU 34 Tennessee 17

Texas +3.5 at West Virginia
Texas is one of the better 5-5 teams you will see. They have some close losses against some of the tougher teams in the country. Their defense will keep them in this game While I think they have a shot to win, I am more confident that they cover than win outright. Will Grier might do enough to sneak away with a home victory.
West Virginia 27 Texas 24

Cincinnati -3.5 at East Carolina
2-8 ECU has been on a dreadful decline over the past few years. Scottie Montgomery is in deep trouble. The stadium attendance is looking worse than UNC’s stadium during a second half blowout on a basketball game day. Luke Fickell isn’t necessarily in a much better sport, sitting at 3-7. The Pirates are just worse than the Bearcats.
Cincinnati 37 ECU 27

Penn State -26.5 vs. Nebraska
Nebraska can’t wait to fork over the $6M buyout for Mike Riley. This year has been a complete debacle for the Cornhuskers. Saquon Barkley is pretty much out of the Heisman running, which means he will run for 250 yards and 3 scores.
Penn State 45 Nebraska 17

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