Chaos, Parity, and Bad Defenses Reign

As I write this article, I am listening to Greg McElroy on ESPN attempting to make the point that Wisconsin “controls their own destiny” to the College Football Playoff. Wisconsin? Just stop Greg. They have played absolutely nobody. They will get shellacked the first time they play a team of any substance whatsoever. Forgive me Wisconsin if I don’t value your gritty 17-9 win over Purdue or those challenging games against Utah State, Illinois, and Maryland. When Florida Atlantic is the crown jewel of your schedule thus far, you got yourself a fraud.

But this isn’t just about Wisconsin. This is about the chaos that is brewing amongst the entire Top 25. One week Ohio State looks like they are the best team in the country. The next week they are getting crushed by Iowa. The measuring sticks are all watered down. Seems like parity is taking over here. NC State all but had Clemson beat, again. Clemson is still in the Top 4. Just goes to show that when you are a high profile team, all you need to do is win any way you can and you will have a chance when all is said and done. However, be careful, because anyone can hang an “L” on your team on any given weekend. Even mighty Alabama is susceptible to defeat. You might think this to be crazy, but in this day and age of uncertainty, you just wait and see.

The Heisman is just as chaotic as the College Football Playoff picture. Two weeks ago, everyone all but engraved Saquon Barkley’s name on the Heisman. Now, people roll their eyes if his name is brought up in the Heisman conversation. The media have now handed the trophy to Baker Mayfield – never mind the fact that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State combined for 7 TD’s in ONE QUARTER. One quarter had TD drives of 17, 45, 46 and 56 seconds. Does quality of competition even matter in the Playoff or Heisman races? I am sure Mayfield is a quality QB. I am also pretty sure that your local high school QB could throw for 300 yards against Big 12 defenses. But when Saquon Barkley’s coaching staff hands him the ball three times in one half, maybe Mayfield wins by default – TKO by ignorant coaching.

Here are some predictions for this week that will impact the CFP and the Heisman races:

Auburn +2.5 vs. Georgia – Georgia has been the best team in college football this year. So, obviously I am fading them this week. The line is under 3 and I love the home dog here. Time for the freshman QB to play like a freshman. Auburn gets it done at home.
Auburn 24 Georgia 23

TCU +6.5 at Oklahoma – TCU has not allowed a TD in 13 of the last 16 quarters. Finally, a defense might challenge Baker Mayfield. He actually might have a chance to earn his Heisman in this game. No doubt the Sooners offense puts up 33 points, just as there is no doubt their defense gives up 30. Oklahoma squeaks by but Mayfield gets held relatively in check by the TCU Defense.
Oklahoma 33 TCU 30

Iowa +11.5 at Wisconsin – It’s obvious I can’t stand the Badgers and am rooting against them for their fraudulent schedule. I will continue to do this until they are rightly exposed.
Iowa 27 Wisconsin 24

Boston College +3 vs. NC State – NC State, ugh. Talent that can’t seem to put a full game together. They once again got fans hopes up for Notre Dame and Clemson. Wolfpack earned their stripes by playing tough both games. Everyone thinks the Pack will start cruising now that the competition level has dropped. Not so fast. Classic Wolfpack flop.
Boston College 30 NC State 27

Miami Florida +3 vs. Notre Dame – Everyone loves the Irish and running back Josh Adams. I like linebacker Shaquille Quarterman more. Shaq and his D make Notre Dame one dimensional and hold them down. Yet another home dog covers in a big game
Miami 31 Notre Dame 23

Penn State -31 vs. Rutgers – Coach Franklin and his coaching staff are not doing Saquon Barkley any favors. In the last 3 games they will do what they should have done all year, let him grind it out. I am predicting 200 yards rushing and 3 TD’s for the best player in the country. It will be nice to see him used properly. Too little, too late?
Penn State 48 Rutgers 13

Mississippi State +13.5 vs. Alabama – Bama is invincible, right? Wrong. Mississippi State has done it before and I believe they can do it again. Still not sold on Jalen Hurts. Cowbells will be heard all the way in Tuscaloosa.
Mississippi State 26 Alabama 24

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