It’s Getting Scary for Some Teams and Players!

It’s crunch time for College Football Playoff contenders and Heisman Trophy hopefuls. Each week from here on out is an elimination game for both. Who will step up and who will drop off the national radar? Let’s find out!

The top 4 teams in the country as of today are:
Alabama – Jalen Hurts lays an egg against a team that stops the run, Bama can be beat. Don’t hold your breath.
Georgia – Still not convinced they beat Auburn in two weeks, but they are currently playing lights out.
Ohio State – how could you put OSU in front of Oklahoma? Easy, when OU loses to Okie State this week. OSU-OU game is a hard game to look past, but simply put, JT Barrett is not the same QB from that game.
Notre Dame – Great game against NC State but I still don’t think they go 2-0 against Stanford and Miami. Their O-Line is fantastic and their defense is strong.

2 teams that are next in line to sneak in if some team listed above stumbles:
Penn State – PSU played “not to lose” against OSU in the Horseshoe in the second half. After that dominating first half performance and only losing by a point, I give them a shot to close the deal on a neutral field and get revenge. They need a break to get back into it.
Clemson – Easiest road of the teams that are left but dangerous game with NC State this weekend is looming.

Others to consider:
Oklahoma State – Will lose one to Oklahoma, Kansas State, or Iowa State
Oklahoma – Will lose one to Oklahoma State, TCU, or West Virginia
Miami – Will lose one to Notre Dame or Virginia Tech and/or ACC Championship game

Just Stop:
Wisconsin – Their schedule is horrific. They will get pounded in Big Ten title game.

6 potentials for the Heisman:
Khalil Tate – 13 yds per carry – has played significantly in just 4 games. Played against pathetic defenses. Talent like Lamar Jackson.
Josh Adams – 9 yards per carry and needs big games against Miami and Stanford. I could run for 100/game behind that O-Line.
Saquon Barkley -Scoring from all angles. Rushing total has been struggling because teams are building entire defensive game plans around him. He will need a few big number games.
Baker Mayfield – Big game against Mason Rudolph this weekend. Let’s be honest, both QB’s will throw for 5 touchdowns and score 45 points each because Big 12 teams are allergic to playing Defense.
JT Barrett – Can’t argue with 25 td/1 int. Never seen someone go from “horrible QB” to Heisman front-runner so quickly. Amazing what 5 star talent all around you can do for a QB.
Bryce Love – Didn’t play last week. 11 yards per carry. Amazing speed. Needs a huge game against Notre Dame.

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