Jump Off The Bandwagon

In this day and age of political discourse, the media tends to influence the opinions of people across the country. For instance, conservatives worldwide tune into Fox News to get their talking points to help backup their beliefs. On the liberal side, MSNBC and CNN conduct their own form of brainwashing by sticking to stories that support their narrative. But compared to the sports arena, the messy political arena seems quite clean. At least in politics, there are two sides to each story.

It seems like the entirety of sports media jumps on a specific bandwagon each week of the season. In a particular moment in time, they are in reactionary mode and decide to proclaim a team either a world beater or a complete train wreck solely based on their most recent performance. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Notre Dame beats a vastly overrated USC team and I can’t get through a sports radio segment without hearing people talk about the Irish’s chance of running the table and getting into the College Football Playoff. Ed Orgeron loses one SEC game and takes a loss to Troy and he is a dead man walking. Fast forward a month and now if he somehow beats Bama and runs the table, he will finish 10-2 and be the King of Louisiana.

For once, I would like to see a media outlet run against the grain. Does anyone have the guts to say that Notre Dame has no chance to make the Playoff because not only will they lose to Miami, but they will lose to NC State this weekend? Well, you won’t get this opinion in the mainstream sports media because they are all sheep who feed off one another. But you will get this from me. As in all aspects life, sometimes it is ok to climb out on that limb. Not only does Notre Dame lose this weekend, they will lose again and maybe even lose one more time before they play in another meaningless bowl game.

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