We’ll Do it Live!

Live Wagering

It truly is the age of information…real time information.  Instantaneous information has impacted sports betting and presents new opportunities for sports sharps. However, only a small percentage of the market is taking advantage/capturing the edge you can gain on live in-game wagering.

In Vegas, there are a handful of live in game betting venues, and they are typically my favorite spots to go and place wagers.  More and more online books are adding this feature as well.

The reason live wagering can be so advantageous is because of the sheer volatility of the line changes during a game.  It’s really mind blowing how much a line can swing just based on a first score.  Think of it like day trading the stock market.  If you go into the games having a specific side or lean/number that you like and you wait for it to hit, you can gain a significant edge compared to the opening numbers.

For example, if you like an NFL game where you want the Patriots but they are -7.5 on the road vs. a garbage team like the Brownies, but you don’t want to lay that chalk, you can turn to live betting and wait for the number you want and if it doesn’t happen, simply lay off the game all together.

Often times the beginning of games or before halftime are the best time to jump on good teams when they are down early.  Lets say the Pats are playing the Browns and the Browns recover a fumble early, score a touchdown, and are also able to get a field goal a little later and are up 10-0 in the first quarter.

Chances are, you will be able to grab the Patriots at somewhere around -3 or Even Money for the game. You are taking advantage of the early swings in the game or market knowing that the ENTIRE GAME LINE was Patriots -7.5, not the first quarter.  In my opinion, that’s an overreaction of the market and a great position to jump on the better team. Think of the juice you would have needed to put to bet Money Line on the Pats before game time!

That’s when you sprint up to the window to place your well researched wager before the next commercial is over.

There are several opportunities to hit middles too during live in game wagering, especially if you ended up taking a wager before game time.  You can hedge or double down, the possibilities of in game wagering are endless.

– EZpick 6 @ErikZawojski